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Yuma's Choice For Home Medical Equipment & Orthotics
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Frequently Asked Questions 
  • When I'm discharged from the hospital don't I have to use their equipment provider?
  • Will you bill my insurance for me?
  • Will you service and repair my medical equipment?
  • Will you service or repair my Scooter or Power Chair?
  • Will you deliver my supplies or equipment  on Weekends?


When I'm discharged from the hospital don't I have to use their equipment provider?

No.  You have the right to chose your own medical equipment provider and don't let anyone tell you different.  We Yuman's are very proud of our hospital. One of our owners works there and she can tell you first hand that they make sick people well better than almost anybody. That, however doesn't mean that they can do the same in providing home medical equipment and services.  Ever go to the hospital because it was convenient, cheap or quick? Tell your discharge planner that you want the best .... RXPositive Medical Supply.

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Will you bill my insurance for me?

Yes. We accept most insurance carriers including Medicare, AHCCCS, BlueCross/BlueShield,  and many others.  We will do everything we can to insure that your insurance pays according to your plan. We'll help you stay on top of what  is happing with your insurance claim.  We won't forget about you after we submit your claim.  If there are problems we'll fix it for you if we can. For example; some insurance companies require a CMN (Certificate of Medical Necessity) signed by your doctor for certain items.  If we bill the insurance carriers without it they will deny your claim so we'll contact your Physicians' office and request one for you. Actually we try twice. If we still don't get it, then we let you know about the problem so you can get it for us. .. How's that for service?

No Medical Supplier will forgive your bill if your insurance doesn't cover the item. Few, if any, are willing go to the lengths that RXPositive Medical Supply does to make sure you take full advantage of your plan. You will get monthly statements to keep you informed.

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Will you service and repair my medical equipment?

Yes. We stand behind everything we sell but we'll also take a look at your equipment even if you didn't buy it from us. We have on-site technicians trained to repair and service most of what we sell and all of what we rent.  We service and repair Oxygen Concentrators, wheelchairs, power chairs, scooters and about any other type of home medical equipment.


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Will you repair my scooter or Power Chair whether or not I bought it from you?


Yes. We stand behind everything we sell.  As with our Medical Equipment, we have on-site technicians to repair and service all of our scooters and power wheelchairs. Are you ready for this? RXPositve has a mobile repair shop that will come right to your home so you don't have to bring it in.  We frequently fix it right then and there.  Estimates are free if we do the work otherwise we charge $35.00 to cover the costs of the trip.  How's that for service? 

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Will you deliver my supplies or equipment on Weekends?

Yes.  Our stores and billing office are closed on the Sunday but our delivery staff work from 8 to 5.  We will be glad to deliver your equipment and supplies on Sunday. Just schedule it and we will be there when you want us there. How's that for convenience

We are independently owned so we can go the extra mile to get and keep your business. Of course we're available 24/7 to respond to emergency situations. Our main number (928-344-9301) connects automatically to our on-call worker. He or she will solve your problem day or night.  How's that for peace of mind?

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